Recommended neighborhood spot

Because Nanchi Nakasuji Shotengai is located in the center of Osaka Minami, a tourist attraction is abundant in the neighborhood.
After having prayed in Mizukake-Fudoson of Hozenji, please walk the town of Namba.
The neighboring recommended spots are as follows.

Hozenji bystreet

It is the atmospheric bystreet of the stone pavement of 80 meters in length to be located beside Hozenji.

Dotombori Ukiyo-Koji alley

The very small alley where an old state of Dotombori was drawn on.
The The Inch-High Samurai birthplace.
In the The Inch-High Samurai great gracious god, you can purchase a sacred lot.

Ebisu-bashi Bridge

The tourist attraction where is the first in Minami including a signboard of Glico and Kani Doraku restaurant.


In one of the theaters representing Osaka, I stage Kabuki and an opera, an idol performance.
It opened in 1923.

Namba center street

The mall where large household appliance general merchandising store and restaurants gather. A sky-blue arcade is impressive. A guardian deity of children is worshiped.

KUROMON market

A representative market of Osaka called the kitchen of the world.
Fresh fishes, vegetables in Osaka, and many many cooks gather here.
You can enjoy eating while walking.


It is the mall where the shops which handled the kitchen utensils used in a restaurant for business use gathered.
kitchen knives, Cast Iron Kettles, and the food sample are popular among souvenirs.


It is a mall most popular in Osaka. It is always full of many shoppers. Approximately 60,000 people visit here on weekdays. and 120,000 people on sundays and holidays, too.


It is located on the southern tip of Shinsaibashi, and its name changes to Ebisubashi-Suji in the south side from the Dotonbori river. Ebisubashi-bridge which across the Dotonbori River is very famous spot to take a commemorative photo in the background Glico neon.


The Dotonbori which symbolized such as Shochiku-Za, Kani-doraku, Glico signboard, and so on is typical downtown of Osaka Minami. The name of "Dotonbori" derived out of respect for Mr. Doton Yasui who spent his own money and excavated the river in 1612.


"Amerika-mura" that leads a youth culture of Kansai including a fashion and the music. Its appellation applies to the area over the Nishi-Shinsaibashi around the triangle park (Mitsu Park).


It is an electronics quarter representing West Japan. It is famous as a sacred place of Japan's original pop culture such as the animation, comics, and the game.

Yasaka-jinja Shrine

The effect of the tremendous statue which opens the mouth wide placed in the precincts is really overwhelming. The size is 12 meters in height, 11 meters in width, 10 meters in depth. And the stage is equipped in the mouth of the humped-head goldfish.


It is an observation tower 103 meters high, and also said that the symbol of Naniwa. There is gazebo overlooking the Osaka, a statue of Billiken it's said that which is blessed fortunately when a sole is stroked, and so forth on the fifth floor, and the visitors are more than 1 million per year.