About Nanchi Nakasuji Shotengai

Nanchi Nakasuji Shotengai Guide

The Nanchi Nakasuji Shotengai in Osaka Minami is bustling with office workers going home from work in the evenings and nights and families going home after going on shopping outings in the weekends. You can enjoy a few deep fried kabob with a drink, dinner at a tatami mat lined eatery, or Italian cuisine over good conversation... New shops blend right in in an age old familiar atmosphere, making this area popular among all walks of life.
Known as "Namba Shinchi," this area has been popular since the Edo period. Travelers would visit the Mizukake-fudoson statue at the Hozenji temple, pass through the western facing gate, and take a look at the shops lining the path to the temple. This pathway to the temple running east and west to Midosuji is the "Hozenji Mizukake-fudoson Omotesando" road, which is the nickname for the Nanchi Nakasuji Shotengai.
The area is historically famous, but incredibly easy to get to. Access is great with a 3 minute, 200 meter walk from the turnstile at Namba station. It's easy and fun to just drop on by.